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Escape the Busy Tokyo Metropolitan and Pop into Fuchu, the Rugby Oasis of Tokyo!

About the Stadium

About AJINOMOTO STADIUM (Tokyo Stadium)

Address: 376-3 Nishimachi, Chofu, Tokyo

Access:The closest station to Tokyo Stadium is Tobitakyu Station on the Keio Line. The stadium is conveniently located 5 min. on foot from the station.

  • Getting to the stadium

    Shinjuku Station

    Keio Line

    AJINOMOTO STADIUM (Tokyo Stadium) lies just 20 minutes west of Shinjuku Station, in the quiet and residential Chofu City in the Musashino area. To reach Chofu, take the Keio Line directly from Shinjuku to Tobitakyu Station, and then walk 5 minutes toward the stadium. The super express train will stop at Tobitakyu Station for the big event, but take note that this particular line is not covered by the JR pass.

    Ticket machines for the Keio Line. You can also purchase an IC card here.

  • Tokyo Stadium

    The Tokyo Stadium

    With a capacity of about 50,000, Tokyo Stadium has green fields of  natural grass. It is often used for football games and music concerts. The stadium will host 8 matches, including the opening match and quarter-final for the Rugby World Cup 2019. This means it shall hold the most matches among the 12 venues.

Rugby City “FUCHU”

  • Introducing“Rugby City FUCHU ”

    Boasting two semi-professional  teams, the Suntory Sango liath and the Toshiba  Brave Lupus, Fuchu City is undoubtedly the rugby centre of Tokyo.

  • About Japan Rugby Top League

    Suntory Sangoliath

    Founded in 1980, the Suntory Sangoliath is the No.1 ranked team in Japan Rugby’s Top League for 2017-2018.

    Toshiba Brave Lupus

    Founded in 1948, the Toshiba Brave Lupus has  a long history and tradition. The team holds the no.6 rank in Japan Rugby’s Top League for 2017-2018.

  • Tokyo Racecourse

    It is an important horse racing track located in Fuchu. Several races such as the Japan Cup are hosted here, known as an entertaining spot among families with kids.

    Tokyo Racecourse

    Tokyo Racecourse

  • How about Dropping in on Michael Leitch’s Own Café?

    Rugby Enthusiast Café+64

    An cozy café run by Rugby legend Michael Leitch

    If  you’d rather a coffee than a beer, you can always  visit  Café +64. This New Zealand styled café is owned by none other than Michael Leitch, the Japanese-New Zealand rugby union player and captain of  the Japanese national team in  Rugby World Cup 2015 ™ England. Now playing for Toshiba Brave Lupus , Leitch is an absolute legend both on and off the pitch, and his New Zealand styled coffee, snacks and authentic pies are great for every Rugby enthusiast.

Exploring Local Spots

  • A Place that continues to be loved by the cities residents

    Inokashira Park in Kichijoji

    The scenic and refreshing gardens and ponds of Inokashira Park

    The scenic and refreshing gardens and ponds of Inokashira Park

    One of my favourite relaxation spots has got to be Inokashira Park. Located within 15 minutes by train from Shinjuku, take the Keio Line to Kichijoji Station and it’s a short leisurely stroll to the park.

    Benzaiten Temple in Inokashira Park

    Enjoy a stroll through this uniquely forested park full of monuments, temples,luscious smells and unique eateries to discover its hidden secrets. You could even hire a boat or classic pedal-powered-swan to cruise around its massive pond in true, romantic-fairytale style.

  • The Real Japanese Experience at Jindaiji

    Traditional Jindaiji

    The townscape around Jindaiji temple

    Just an IC card swipe and bus ride away, from Kichijoji Station’s south exit you can reach Jindaiji.

    The local cuisine “Jindaiji soba” and a craft beer

    With people wearing kimonos, holding fancy umbrellas, and traditional housing located next to ponds filled with koi fish, Jindaiji is the place for the true Japanese experience in Tokyo without the crowds. Why not immerse yourself in Japanese culture before heading to the stadium. Here you can feast upon one of the most well renowned and well respected soba brands in Tokyo, Jindaiji Soba. It’s fresh, seasonal and goes down well with a tall glass of Jindaiji’s locally brewed craft beer.

Night Life

  • A Relaxed and Delightfully Fancy Dining Experience:


    Enjoy Craft beer at CRISTA

    CRISTA, in Shibuya, is quite possibly the fanciest place I’ve ever been. With the dim lighting, relaxed atmosphere and the vastness of its craft beer menu made by their own brewery, it is the perfect place to relax after spending the day watching rugby.

    CRISTA with a calming atmosphere.

    Japan is about to make rugby history, catapulting rugby into the hearts and souls of not only Asia, but also the entire world. Don’t miss your chance to be part of  this once in a lifetime event!

Other Venues