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Shizuoka Pref
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Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa
With a 50,000 Seat Capacity, Watch the Rugby Match and Discover Shizuoka’s Fuji Scenery and the Industrial Tourism.

About the Stadium

About Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa

Address:2300-1 Aino Fukuroi City, Shizuoka
Access:JR Aino Station (JR TokaidoLine). It is conveniently just 15 min. on foot from
Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa.

  • Getting to Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa

    The Tokaido Shinkansen will take you to Shizuoka, from Tokyo or Osaka

    The Japanese bullet train, also known as the shinkansen, will take you to almost directly to Shizuoka where you can watch the rugby match at the Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa.

    If using the Tokaido Shinkansen, the trip from Tokyo Station is fairly fast, taking between one and a half hours of travel depending on the type of train. The Shinkansen can be used for free with a JR Pass, but please note that only the Kodama and Hikari trains are covered.


  • Here’s a hot tip. When booking a seat in the shinkansen, ask to book your seat in “Row E”. Stand-by with your camera at the ready between Mishima and Shin-Fuji Stations – that’s the best moment to capture a shot of Japan’s best-known summit, Mt. Fuji.

    The Beautiful Mt. Fuji which can be seen from the shinkansen

    Whilst you ride the shinkansen, be sure to taste the ekiben, as do the majority of the Japanese who travel by train during mealtimes. This bento (lunch box) is a proud culture of the country. It is sold at train stations and on trains, and offers an assortment of refined dishes and is an affordable introduction to the national gastronomy.

    Note:  Some trains such as Kodama do not provide you the wagon service.

    Try Japanese unique culture: Ekiben

Watch the Rugby Match Report
at Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa

  • Watch the Rugby Match at Ecopa

    Inside the Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa

    On October 13th 2017, a match of Japan Rugby Top League sees the local team, the Yamaha Jubilo Shizuoka, compete! The Yamaha Jubilo Shizuoka is sponsored by the piano manufacturing company, a local to Shizuoka. The opponent is the NTT communications Shining Arcs of Chiba.  The beautiful Ecopa Stadium has a wonderful family atmosphere, and is the second largest stadium in Japan with 50,000 seats (after the International Stadium Yokohama). The stadium is located amongst lush greenery and only a 15-minute walk from Aino Station, which is halfway between Shizuoka and Hamamatsu on the JR Tokaido Line.

    Rugby fans in Japan

    Here is my experience of a Japanese Rugby game. There are some differences to the French top 14, but the spirit is here. The fans are alike, singing and waving pennants and flags to encourage their teams. The stalls vibrate in time with the actions, especially when the visiting team Chiba opens the scoreboard.

    The many bars of the large stadium, conveniently placed and airy, serving fried noodles and sweet potato, in addition to beer and churros.

    About Japan Rugby Top League

Exploring Local Spots

  • Discovering Mount Fuji

    The World Heritage Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha Shrine

    Make a wish at Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha Shrine!

    While you are in Shizuoka, why not discover Fuji-san, Japanese largest mountain and symbol of pride. A good option is to disembark directly at the city of Fujinomiya before reaching Shizuoka City. From here, the JR Minobu Line connects to Fujinomiya Station in about 20 minutes (JR Pass OK!). Fujinomiya City is the main city on the Shizuoka side of the great mountain. It is home to the World Heritage Fujisan Hongu Seigen Taisha Shrine, which offers spectacular views of Mount. Fuji. It is also the main place of worship dedicated to the ancient volcano.

    Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha Srrine’s beautiful Wakutama pond in the rain

    Also, be sure not to miss the pond Wakutama. This pond’s water is sourced from the slopes of Mount Fuji, through underground lava caves. In the centre of the pond lies an island that is home to a small altar. It is here that climbers and pilgrims purify themselves before heading up to the sacred mountain. For a donation of 200 yen, it is possible to fill a small bottle of water from the source. Ideal for drinking later in the trip!

  • Unique Oku-Oi Kojo Station

    Oigawa Railways

    The breathtaking view of Oku-oi

    The Oigawa Railway’s Ikawa line crosses high over a lake on a steel red bridge. A small station sits in the middle, known as “Oku-oi Kojo Station”. The lake and surrounding mountain scenery from the train window is spectacular and unique. Oku-oi is quickly gaining popularity among photographers wishing to capture this site all year round. The main photography point is 15 min. on foot from the station.
    Additionally, there is a cottage house at the back of the station where many hikers stop and visit.

  • A Traditional Brewery Which Produces Soy Sauces.

    The Traditional Meijiya Shouyu Brewery

    Inside the Meijya Shouyu Brewery

    If time permits, perhaps in the morning before the match, do not hesitate to push further west to Hamamatsu. Hamamatsu is one of the largest cites in the Shizuoka Prefecture, and the headquarters of the Yamaha corporation. Local trains operated by Enshu Railways link to Hamakita Station and the family-owned Meijiya Shouyu Brewery. In a century-old building that is now held by the fifth generation of its family, you can indulge yourself in Japanese crafts and flavours (visit the factory and soy sauce tasting for free).

    The conversion of moromi (Japanese for mash)

    Taste different kinds of soy sauces

  • Check out the World‘s Largest Piano Manufacturer

    Yamaha Corporation, the Biggest Music Manufacturing

    In the piano factory

    Although a place of tradition, Shizuoka Prefecture is also one of strong industry, especially in the field of music and car manufacturing. The doors of the factories of two giants, Yamaha and Suzuki, are open to visitors. As such you can witness the piano sculptures erected and showcased in and around Hamamatsu Station, as well as references to the car manufacturer Suzuki.

    In the piano factory

    Yamaha is the world’s largest producer of pianos, and the production is carried out here in Shizuoka Prefecture! The factory which can be visited is the Kakegawa grand pianos factory. Getting there requires the use of another private railways, Tenryu Hamanako, operating electric trains with a single wagon, stopping at tiny stations. If all that talk of trains piqued your interest, a third local company known as the Oigawa Railway Company also a popular place to experience steam locomotives.
    Once you reach Sakuragi, which literally means “the cherry tree”, it takes 8 minutes to get to the Yamaha factory.

    In the Piano Factory

    The visit to the production line is truly impressive! A brochure and regular panels in English make it possible to follow the visits which are mainly organized in Japanese. But whatever the language, the birth of a grand piano speaks for itself. Visitors can observe the manufacturing process of grand pianos from the assembly of the frame to the test and tuning phases, through to the installation of strings and finally the keyboard. Witness the scene that the skilled craftsmen are working with their traditional techniques of making pianos which are made by many natural materials, per one unit very carefully.
    Music is alive in the factory, with the well-tuned robots, the rhythm of the precision tools and the concentration of the working professionals.

Night Life

  • Want to Try Shizuoka’s Craft Beer?

    AOI Brewing

    The Rugby World Cup 2019 is opening the door to more celebration for the public and players! And Shizuoka knows how to receive. The Aoi Brewery, opened in 2013 is the first local brewery of the prefecture. Here a fine selection of interesting and subtle beers are on offer. Special mention for Paid Vacation IPA, whose beautiful bitterness combines with a very rich flavour.

    AOI Brewings Craft Beer

  • A Small Alley Lined with Local Bars

    The Authentic Experiences at AOBA Yokocho

    AOBA Yokocho with many red lanterns

    Before or after the beer tasting, do not forget to taste oden at AOBA Yokocho, a micro-artery with about twenty counters and ideally located between the station and Aoi Brewery. Oden is a varied set of dishes, from eggs to tofu, including Japanese radish, potatoes or surimi, long simmered in a Japanese broth. The oden of Shizuoka is famous throughout Japan, and has some peculiarities. Some of the unique features include being skewered and using beef. It is also famous for its use of Katsuobushi, which are slices of dried bonito.

    Heart warming and delicious oden

    The small restaurants that offer oden at AOBA Yokocho are intimate, with less than a dozen seats for the most part. This allows guests to fraternize with locals, exchange and discuss the game, while also creating unforgettable memories. Famous among the Japanese, the red lantern alley is not yet well known to foreign visitors, and offers a more authentic and sincere Japan. Here Shizuoka Prefecture truly shows its hospitality and demonstrates why it is an unmissable destination..

Other Sports

  • Katsuragi Golf Club’s course Founded in 1976, is a 36 hole 144 par course.

    Luscious Green at Katsuragi Golf Club

    A highly strategic “mountain course”, its characteristic arrangement of ponds and bunkers and “Ugari course” spreading on a gentle hilly ground make it highly popular. It is also the stage of Yamaha Ladies Open Katsuragi.

    The golf course at Katsuragi Golf Club

  • Green Fairways All Year Around

    Shizuoka Country Hamaoka Course

    37 holes with ocean views spread gently over nature, offering you exciting play on exquisite fairways. The 18 hole “Takamatsu course” is rich in variety, whereas 19 hole “Ogasa course” requires more technique.

    Shizuoka Country Hamaoka Course

Other Venues