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Oita Stadium
“One Rugby, One Oita” Prepare to get excited at this 40,000-seat Stadium and Enjoy the Best Onsen!

About the Stadium

About Oita Stadium

Address: 1351 Yokoo, Oita, Oita Prefecture
Access: 45 min. by Oita Bus or the loop bus from JR Oita Station and get off at Oita Sport Park East bus stop.

  • Getting to Oita prefecture

    JR West Shinkansen

    Oita can be reached by airplane from Tokyo in about 1 hour and 30 minutes. From Osaka, it takes approximately 3 hours 40 minutes by Shinkansen (change limited express trains at Kokura Station).

    In the Shinkansen

    Ekiben(the station lunch box)

    Sink into a clean and comfortable seat as you relax on your journey. And, for the true Japanese experience, purchase an Ekiben (the station lunch box) at the station or on the train and enjoy the meal.
    Note : Some trains such as Kodama or Tsubame do not provide you the wagon service.


    Super Express Sonic

    With limited express train, Kitsuki Station is located around 15 minutes from Beppu Station, and around 25 minutes from Oita Station.
    Use JR Kagoshima Line, Nippo Line “Nichirin Limited Express” or “Sonic Limited Express” to visit the castle town (Kitsuki is known for its old-styled townscape) which can be accessed from Kitsuki Station by Taxi or Bus.

  • Getting to the stadium

    Oita bus

    Take a bus from Oita Station and get off at Oita Sports Park East. This journey takes between 40 and 50 minutes. Otherwise, you can get a taxi from the station which takes around 25 minutes.

  • Stadium Tour

    Take a look at this stadium!

    Oita Stadium

    This international-class stadium has a capacity of 40,000 people. Kisho Kurokawa, a world-renowned architect and winner of the gold medal of architecture at a French architecture academy, gave the stadium a huge openable dome.

    the player’s locker room

    the training room for the players

    VIP room

    Get spectacular views in the stadium.

One Rugby, One Oita

  • About One Rugby, One Oita

    The slogan “One Rugby, One Oita” is one that can be spotted all over Oita City. This project strives to unite the hearts of Oita through Rugby, and to provide visitors with omotenashi, a unique Japanese approach to hospitality. Oita prefecture has already started its preparations for the RWC 2019, for example through organizing public viewing venues and cultural understanding events in attempt to further educate people about the teams that will be playing in Oita.

    Countdown board

Try Japanese Hot Springs in Beppu

What is the Onsen Prefecture ?

Oita Prefecture produces some of the best hot springs in Japan. There are plenty of places to relax in Beppu and an array of different baths to choose from. Although there are some etiquette rules to follow, there’s no need to be worried. There are always signs in public baths that display the guidelines about how to take a bath in Japan.

  • Jigoku Meguri and other incredible Scenic Views

    Exploring Beppu’s Sightseeing Spots

    A viewing spot overlooking the Beppu onsen town

    Get a magnificent view of Beppu at Yukemuri Observatory!

    “Umi Jigoku” A hot spring with turquoise blue water

    Beppu ‘Hells (Jigoku)’ is something you do not want to miss in this area! Some of these hot springs have existed for over 1,000 years and have temperatures that exceed 90 ℃! The large ejection of steam and water from the geiser here, which has been developed since the 1910’s, is the main tourist attraction of this area.

    Chinoike Jigoku

  • Enjoy the Night life of a Nostalgic Bar Street!

    There are many Izakaya (Japanese tapas bars) in Kitahama, at the center of Beppu. What better way to spend your day than watching a match, relaxing in a hot spring and toasting with a glass of beer accompanied by Oita’s local cuisine?

    Kitahama area


    Chicken tempura and many local specialties

    Sekiaji sashimi (horse mackerel )

    “Kiippon” is a popular izakaya and of course there is a reason for that. The food! Taste local specialties such as chicken tempura, Sekisaba sashimi (mackerel) and Sekiaji sashimi(horse mackerel ), and indulge in the craft beer. But get there quick. The fresh seafood is ‘first come, first served’!

  • Oita’s craft beer.

    Oita’s craft beer

Exploring Local Spots

  • Yufuin Onsen - A Spa Resort full of Nature with its own Craft Beer

    Yufuin Onsen

    Foot Spa at Yufuin Onsen

    Yufuin, as well as Beppu, is a symbol of Oita. Unlike Beppu, Yufuin is located on the backdrop of Mount Yufu surrounded by nature and providing a completely different atmosphere. Staying at least one night here is highly recommended!

    The craft beer

    Yufu is a town surrounded by mountain ranges, cool water and hot springs, making it the perfect location to produce Yufuin Beer!

  • Stroll around the Samurai Town


    The sandwich-shaped castle town

    In Kitsuki, you can visit the samurai town established in the Edo Period(1603-1868). It is located on two hills facing each other across a commercial street.

    Kitsuki’s old town

    The townscape is so well preserved that it feels as though you are walking through Japan in the Edo period.

    Kitsuki Castle

    This is the smallest castle in Japan on a hill by the sea.

Stay with Farmers in Japan

  • Experience real Japanese farm work while Staying on a farm

    What is a farmer’s stay ?

    The vesting farmland in Oita

    Finding hotels and inns is easy. But, how about making your stay more unique? Like staying at a farmhouse.
    While talking to local people, you can taste traditional Japanese home-cooked meals using fresh ingredients and learn about traditional Japanese life and culture.

    The farmer’s house

    Home cooking


Other Venues