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Kumamoto City
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Kumamoto Stadium
A strong and passionate recovery from the Earthquake. Prepare to get excited at this 40,000-seat Stadium and Enjoy the Best Onsen!

About the Stadium

About Kumamoto Stadium

Address: 2776 Hirayamamachi, Higashi Ward, Kumamoto, Kumamoto Prefecture.
Access: 5-10 min. by taxi from Hikarinomori Station on the JR Hobi Line.

  • Getting to the stadium

    Kumamoto Station

    It takes about 1 hour 30 minutes by plane or 6 hours by Shinkansen from Tokyo. It is approximately 50 minutes by bus from Kumamoto city center to Kumamoto Stadium.



  • This stadium is in a big park with many sports facilities.

    Kumamoto Stadium

    In the stadium

    Kumamoto Stadium has 32,000 seats and recently hosted the international rugby match between Japan and Romania in June 2017.

Recovery from
the Kumamoto Earthquake

Kumamoto Prefecture

Kumamoto is a beautiful place where the history of Feudal Japan and modernity coexist. There is a magnificent volcano at Mount Aso, as well as relaxing hot springs dotted around the area. Despite being severely damaged by the earthquake in 2016, passionate restoration efforts have been made to welcome tourists and supporters of the RWC2019. Both the locals and the administration have united to give Kumamoto life again and to give thanks for the warm support from Japan and overseas.

  • The Aim for a Reconstruction at the Main Castle by 2019

    Kumamoto Castle

    Kumamoto Castle

    Unfortunately, the castle that was built by Kato Kiyomasa in 1607, was seriously damaged in the 2016 earthquake. It was said that it will take 20 years for a full recovery, but Kumamoto is aiming for a reconstruction of the castle tower by the time of 2019; a feat that has received some staggering support! Despite the current damage, taking a stroll through Ninomaru Park and Kato jinja Shrine still allowed me to have a good time. I can only hope that the beautiful Kumamoto castle can welcome you by the time of 2019. Prepare to be amazed!

    Kumamoto Castle damaged by the heavy earthquake

    From the 14th floor of the city hall, you can see the breathtaking views of the castle and the city.

  • Stroll around the castle town

    Kumamon is a mascot created by the government of Kumamoto

    In the traditional building Josaien, located at the foot of the castle wall, there are souvenir shops and restaurants. You can get sea urchin croquettes and tofu ice cream. What will you try?

    Urchin croquettes

    Tofu icecream

  • Aso Kuju National Park

    The large volcanic crater of Mount Aso is one of the largest in the world, and the outstanding landscape at  Aso Kuju National Park is a pleasure for hikers. You can enjoy walking several different mountain peaks, some of which are accessible by cable cars as well. Please check the information before you go as this volcano is still active and may be closed in case of danger.

  • The Beautiful Prairie “Kusasenri” has Recovered quickly from the Earthquake


    When the earthquake occurred, we could not go to Kusasenri for nearly five months due to the collapse of the climbing road around Mount Aso. Now It has been restored and you can visit the magnificent Kusasenri once more!

  • A Magnificent View of Daikanbo Peak


    Daikanbo is the highest peak at Aso mountain, so it’s the best place to admire the view!

Exploring Local Spots

  • Horse Riding with a Great View of Mount Aso

    El Patio Farmland

    Getting to the farmland

    Between Beppu Station, Oita Station and Aso Station, a beautiful and retro train connected named the Kyushu Odan Express runs.(But certain sections were closed for some time after the disaster.) Aso Station and Miyaji Station are on this line.To El Patio Farmland, it is a 15-minute taxi ride from Miyaji Station.

    a panoramic view of Mount.Aso can be seen from there

    At El Patio Farmland you can enjoy horse riding even if you are a beginner. It will be an unforgettable experience to see the breathtaking views of Mount Aso as you ride a horse.

    a horse riding experience

    a nice cafeteria with a great view

    How about lunch at the ranch? The cafeteria has a terrace serving you barbecue food and tasty hamburgers.

  • One of the Greatest Onsen Representing Kumamoto

    Kurokawa Onsen

    Kurokawa onsen

    There are many hot springs near Mount Aso. Kurokawa Onsen has a typical Japanese hot spring atmosphere and is the perfect place to relax after the game.

Night Life

  • Savor the Local Cuisine over Craft Beer!

    Local specialties in Kumamoto

    Shimotori shopping arcade

    There are many bars and restaurants around the shimotori shopping arcade. In this emblematic downtown area of Kumamoto, the streets are lined with many fine restaurants and bars serving local Kumamoto dishes.

    The Local cuisine of Kumamoto

    In a relaxed atmosphere, you can enjoy local specialties such as Karashi-renkon (lotus root painted with mustard) and Guruguru (green onion with miso sauce), accompanied by some local shochu (distilled spirit made from sweet potato) on the rocks.

    The Local shochu (distilled spirit made from sweet potato)

  • If You Miss European Beer

    The Beer Restaurant ‘Oden’

    The ‘world’ selection of beers

    At Restaurant Oden

    If you want to enjoy Western cuisine, there is a great German restaurant called Oden that is well stocked with beer from around the world. You can find a lot of European beer here, but the local beer is also highly recommended. Give Kumamoto’s beer a go!

Other Venues