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Kamaishi Unosumai

Memorial Stadium

The stadium is a symbol of Kamaishi’s recovery from the disaster and hope for the future.

About the Kamaishi Unosumai Memorial Stadium

About the Kamaishi Unosumai Memorial Stadium

Address:Unosumai Kamaishi, Iwate
Access:The station nearest to the stadium is the Sanriku Railway Rias Line, Unosumai Station.
For those using the JR Kamaishi Line, you will need to transfer at JR Kamaishi Station.
Picture Image(Top): Provided by Kamaishi City

  • The History of Kamaishi Ramen

    In the 1970s, when Kamaishi was thriving with both the steel industry and fishing trade, there were several blocks of steelworks company housing (nicknamed harmonica houses for their long shape) in the same neighborhood as the ramen shops. On payday, whole families would come and eat together, paying \30-50 a bowl. Therefore, it could be said that the prosperity of the steel trade contributed greatly to the development of Kamaishi’s ramen culture. Prior to that, the booming fishing trade and the impatience of the influential fishermen strutting through the business district lead to the popularity of the thin, quick-to-cook noodles and transparent soup.

    In this way, the development and progress of Kamaishi’s ramen culture came about not just from the popularity of a particular style of noodles or soup, but through unifying the approach of those cooking ramen with the taste and temperament of those eating it, to make a ramen perfectly suited to the local people. Therefore, Kamaishi Ramen contains not only the people’s local pride and the history of the lively fishing port and steel town, but also the path of the progress made in its culinary culture.

  • Sennin-toge Mountain Pass

    Sennin-toge Mountain Pass is situated on the Kamaishi-Tono border at an elevation of 887m and offers spectacular views all year round. From spring until summer, it is covered in a blanket of rich green nature. In winter, it transforms into a beautiful winter forest shrouded in snow. However, the peak time to visit is in late October to November, when you can observe the colorful autumn foliage unfold. In fact, it is one of the main spots in Kamaishi for viewing the change in color of the autumn foliage. It is also the home of the renowned Sennin Hisui mineral water, and the Kamaishi Sennin-toge Marathon (held late October).
    The new Sennin-toge Road opened in 2007 and offers an alternative route through the city, resulting in less use of the old windy mountain road. However, with just a short detour off the main road, one can experience the beautiful depths of the mountain while overlooking the city through a canopy of autumn leaves.

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