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Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium
A Hosting City which also Hosts Several International Rugby Matches. Join the Post-Match Party with Local Gourmet and Drinks on Fukuoka’s Night Life Scene!

About the Stadium

About Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium

About Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium
Address: 2-1-1 Hiraokoen, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture
Access: 25 min. on foot or 8 min. by bus from Fukuoka Airport Station on the Fukuoka City Subway.

  • Getting to the stadium

    The Shinkansen is approaching JR Hakata Station

    Only an hour 30 minute flight from Tokyo or 5 hours by Shinkansen, getting to Fukuoka has never been simpler. The stadium is located only 25 minutes walk from the airport.

Rugby Match Reports

  • Watch the International Match: Japan vs World Selection team

    The venue: Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium

    Located near the airport with a 21,562 seat capacity, the Japan National delegation (JAPAN XV) vs World Selection (World XV) game was held on October 28, 2017.

    The match: Japan XV v World XV

    The supporters in Japan

    An audience of all generations witnessed the game with anticipation, creating an almost homely atmosphere. The mixture of both enthusiasm and peacefulness kept the atmosphere friendly and comfortable. My home country France also decided to play games here in 2019. I am very excited!

  • Fukuoka Hosts Several International Rugby Matches


    Actually rugby is very popular here in Fukuoka. Munakata Sanix Blues is a team in the Top League and has Kahn Heskez who played a major part in RWC2015™ in the Japan vs South Africa match. In addition, Sanix hosts the World Rugby Youth competition in which high school students from all over the world compete, and in 2012 the Golden Oldies World Rugby Festival was held here. Fukuoka is undoubtedly a perfect hosting city for the RWC2019™ !

Exploring Local Spots

  • Check out World Famous Toilets Made in Japan

    TOTO museum

    TOTO, the official sponsor of RWC 2019, is a manufacturer of toilets in Japan. Japanese toilets are unlike most other toilets in the world. With features such as the “washlet”, warm water which cleanses the butt, they are particularly impressive to tourists. In order to be an expert on the “Washlet”, it is essential to visit the museum of the company that invented it!

    Exhibition Room 1

    Getting to Kokura from Fukuoka City is convenient by Shinkansen(about 15mins). Then simply get the bus from Kokura Station to Kibune-machi bus stop for the museum. The museum provides pamphlets in 11 languages if you scan the QR code with your smartphone and also has an audio guidance service in English.

    Exhibition Room 2

    Since the plumbing equipment such as toilet is essentially at the center of our everyday lives, whether in society, public places or at home, it’s quite exciting to actually learn more about it. Discover the history of the evolution of public toilets and visit galleries including plumbing equipments of the world.

  • After visiting the museum, let’s visit the factory

    The Manufactuing Line at TOTO Factory

    After visiting the museum, why not visit the factory? Simply make a reservation in advance and take the factory tour to see the manufacturing line and the processes used to make the toilets.

  • Make a Hakata Doll

    Hakata Machiya Folk Museum

    Hakata Machiya Folk Museum

    Learn about Fukuoka’s history, architecture, craftsmanship, language, festivals, traditions and more in this museum. Why not take the tour, see some traditional crafts and experience painting a Hakata doll?

  • A Leisurely Island with Blooming Autumn Flowers

    Nokonoshima Island Park

    Nokonoshima Island Park

    10 minutes ferry from the center of Fukuoka is a large flower garden in Nokonoshima Island Park. Once the RWC 2019 begins, we can expect to enjoy the beginning blooms of cosmos, dahlia, scarlet sage and bukakei.

  • Producing Local Sake for more than 100 years




    Hakata Hyakunengura

    This well-established brewery, over a hundred years old, can’t stop making delicious sake! Check out the white wall warehouse, registered as a tangible cultural asset of Japan. Why not have a go at sake-tasting as well?

Night Life

  • Enjoy Hakata’s Famous Ramen with some Craft beer


    Ippudo Tenjin Nishidori Stand

    Hakata ramen with a glass of craft beer

    This place is a paradise for ramen lovers as Hakata ramen is one of the most famous types of ramen in Japan! Find it at a food stall or in a ramen restaurant with craft beer like Ippudo in Tenjin.

  • Food Paradise Fukuoka: Test the Local Gourmet



    There are many other regional cuisines in this area, such as Mizutaki, Motsunabe, and Mentaiko.
    There are also local sake breweries, like Ishikura-Shuzo Brewery which has an 140 year old history.

  • Go Downtown for an exciting local atmosphere.


    Food stalls lined along the river

    Food stalls (Yatai)

    In the Nakasu and Tenjin neighborhoods, many stalls offer meals and alcohol in a unique and warm atmosphere.
    One ticket, costing 1,050 yen can be used at any of the 9 partner stalls to get a drink and one tapas recommended by the stall.
    Yatai Ticket

Stay in a Unique Guest House

  • Fancy Sleeping in a Book Store?

    Book and Bed Tokyo  Fukuoka


    Which is your favorite jacket?

    Book and Bed Fukuoka is a concept guest house reminiscent of a capsule hotel but with a much more fashionable and cozy style. Not many people can say they’ve slept in a library!

Other Venues