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Dear all rugby fans,

 Thank you very much for your visit to our site called “ Captain’s run” which consists of a lot of informative contents for how to spend your time in Japan during Rugby World Cup 2019. As the exclusively appointed official travel agent in the host country, JTB has a large number of channels to provide you with useful information for Rugby travelers.
This site is for those who want to find some unique places not to be missed out according to your visit style especially for the individual visitors.
We consider the season and climate to pick up comments from Hokkaido, the most northern island to Okinawa, the most southern. Our land stretches about 2,000 km of length. This means, if you are lucky, you will be able to enjoy snow (not skiing yet) and diving in coral ocean in the same country during your stay in the best and most popular months of September, October and November.
Along with the nature, Japan has a variety of regional features including food, art, craft, autumn festival and beer, of course. You may be aware of these uniqueness of the first Asian country where Rugby World Cup is held in this site. We are trying to collect as many attractions as possible.

 As the top leading travel agency in Japan, we will introduce recommendable accommodations in the host cities or others and transportation to the next your destination through our experience of inbound business including sports tourists. Referring to the past research of activities of global rugby fans such as in the events of Rugby World Cup 2015 and Lions Series Tours, we are roughly aware of how you spent time on the match days or one day before and the next some following days. This knowledge will be useful to select information which you really need.
My introduction seems too long. Please have a look of index and visit any page you are interested in. As you know, for travelling in a foreign country, obtaining images of coordination of itinerary is important. Named after the Rugby term of Captain’s run, the training session on the day before a big game, the web site is created for your good preparation to maximize the value of stay in Japan. My apology for my imperfect English. See you somewhere in Japan in 2019.